5 Window Treatment Trends to Know Before You Choose Your Blinds or Shades

Window treatment trends aren’t like fall fashions — once they arrive, they stick! Plus, they typically inspire new ideas that influence your whole home’s interior décor. If you want a refresh for your home interiors, it’s smart to start with your window treatments.

5 Window Treatment Trends to Know Before You Choose Your Blinds or Shades

One of the five emerging window treatment trends below may be just what you’re looking for for your next interior design project.

1. Organic Materials

Natural materials such as bamboo and rattan bring texture and an earthy feel to a room. What’s even better is the budget. Typically, products made of natural materials are on the more affordable side. Plus, they provide an anchor to your interior design.

2. Energy Efficiency

Homeowners love to save money on utilities. A percentage of your home’s energy is lost through the windows, so when you invest in energy-saving blinds or shades, you’ll see a difference, especially in the chill of the winter.

Products such as cellular shades have gained popularity for this reason: They earn their keep, and they look stylish too!

3. Bright, Bold Patterns

Fabric shades are another popular trend, especially if they have décor-defining prints and bold colors to set the tone of the room. Bright and colorful prints are the new norm, but don’t be surprised if you see traditional patterns as well. Window treatments are the new canvas for accent pieces that add the splash of personality every room needs.

4. Layers upon Layers

Layering materials over windows is another one of the top window treatment trends, because it adds a comfortable, homey feel to the room. It’s ideal for a bedroom or lounging area. For example, you may hang a sheer drapery set over a woven wood shade, combining both fabric and natural materials. This can help you bring different textures and colors into the room.

5. Luxury Fabric

Velvet is coming back, for your wardrobe and your window treatments. Luxurious fabrics such as velvet and silk are all the rage for window coverings. You may see fabrics that have added glitter or sequins on top as well. This touch of elegance aligns with many of the interior design trends popular this year.

What’s Trending at Utah Blinds Gallery?

As always, you can visit Utah Blinds Gallery to check out the latest window treatment trends in person. Sometimes that’s the best way to decide if you like a style or not. You can also schedule a blinds consultation with an expert in your home. They can give you size and product advice so you can picture how your window treatments will look in your space.

Call us or visit the showroom today — we look forward to helping you find the ideal blinds and shades!

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