5 Ways Blackout Shades Could Change Your Life 

Blackout shades provide a level of light blockage and insulation that many other window treatments do not. But are blackout shades really as transformative as the title to this blog makes them sound? Well, if you’ve ever found yourself wishing for more sleep, better sleep, more privacy, peace and quiet, or more money, blackout shades are the solution. They can help you achieve all the above! Below is a little more detail on how.

Blackout Shades Could Change Your Life

You Get More Sleep

Light pollution is one of the main reasons you can’t fall asleep. Less light in your room means you’ll fall asleep faster and you’ll be able to sleep longer. This is especially helpful if you work late shifts and need to rest during the daytime.

You Get Quality Sleep

Blocking out light will keep your sleep cycles uninterrupted. You’ll wake up less throughout the night sleep more deeply, so you’ll have more energy and better concentration the next day. If you’ve been feeling run down and tired even though you seem to sleep all night, maybe it’s the quality of your sleep that’s lacking. Try using blackout shades to see the difference.

You Get Privacy

With many window treatment types, neighbors can see shapes and shadows in your room even if they can’t see in. With blackout shades, you get complete privacy. This can help you feel relaxed and rested, which translates to more energy and focus the next day.

You Get a Quiet Environment

This type of window treatment insulates against noise. If you live on a busy street, the sound of passing cars and trucks alone produces background noise you could do without. Increase the quiet around you and this will help you slip into sleep easier as well.

You Pay Less in Utilities

These window treatments keep the sound away and block the heat of the sun. This is ideal during the hot Utah summers. You won’t have radiant heat levels rising due to the glare. Your bedroom will stay cool and your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to keep it that way. That turns into energy savings for you.

In winter, blackout shades insulate against heat loss through your windows. Keep them drawn all day and your bedroom will be toasty warm by the time you’re ready to turn in for the night.

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