5 Reasons to Choose Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds are often overlooked as a home technology update, but they can completely change the game for you. The days of struggling with twist rods and pull-cords are over. Now it only takes a touch of a button to get the right light filtration you’re looking for, without all the hassle.

motorized blinds

Are you considering adding motorized blinds to your windows? Below are five good reasons to make the change.

1. You Have Small Children

As your babies grow into toddlers, you’re realizing more and more why dangling blinds cords are such a safety hazard: Kids investigate everything. To protect your little one from a strangulation hazard, you’ve resorted to wrapping it around your curtains or draping it over the curtain rod.

Not only does this look silly, it leaves the blinds cord tangled and unusable. Motorized blinds solve this issue, keeping your toddlers safe and returning control over the blinds to you.

2. You Have High Windows

When your windows reach the ceiling, the blinds cords are likely much too high for you to reach. Motorized blinds can also be useful for low windows in awkward locations. If you have to climb onto furniture or a stepladder in order to reach a blinds cord, it’s time to consider motorized options.

3. You Want to Enhance Home Security

When you leave for a week away, don’t make it obvious. This is the primary rule when it comes to increasing home security. Having your porch lights on around the clock or leaving a trash barrel at the end of your driveway signals that you aren’t home. That makes your home a target.

Instead of drawing your blinds and leaving them closed for the duration of your trip, use motorized blinds and the pre-programming features to schedule intervals throughout the day for your blinds to open. Would-be intruders will never know it’s not you operating the shades. Your home will look lived-in, and it will deter prospective criminals.

4. You’re Trying to Save Energy

Let in more light in the winter and block direct, hot sunlight in the summer. By balancing out your light filtration, you can easily reduce your heating and cooling costs in every season. Many motorized blinds have sunlight sensors that you can use to adjust the level of UV ray exposure allowed in your home, depending on the season.

5. You Love Convenience

One of the major reasons so many homeowners opt for motorized blinds is the most obvious: They’re simply more convenient. Why spend time raising and lowering the shades at every window in your home when you can take care of business with the click of a remote?

Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse offers a selection of motorized blinds and shades to help you achieve the functionality and light filtration effect you’re looking for. Come in to the showroom today to see which products fit your home’s design.

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