4 Reasons to Love Blackout Shades

You know you need blackout shades when you don’t fall asleep easily and you’re waking up a few times every night. Window treatments with blackout capability have the power to change your sleep experience, enhancing your physical and mental health.

blackout curtains

Room Darkening vs. Blackout Products: Is There a Difference?

When you’re shopping for blackout shades, make sure you know the difference between “room darkening” and actual blackout curtains. Room darkening products are better than regular curtains, but they’re not true blackout shades.

Blackout shades will:

1. Block 99% of Light

Blackout curtains use woven and nonwoven materials to block 99 percent of light. They’re manufactured with the primary purpose of eliminating light infiltration, then they’re tested to ensure they meet rigorous standards.

2. Keep the Room Quiet

Because of the way they are made, blackout shades also reduce street noise. The neighbor’s lawnmower and passing emergency vehicles won’t be a major problem anymore — you can rest peacefully.

3. Increase Energy Efficiency

The thick construction prevents heat loss in the winter. Close the blackout curtains at night to help keep your room toasty warm, but open them when there is direct sunlight shining on the window and you’ll enjoy the thermal heating effects of natural sunlight.

In the summer, blackout curtains help keep cool air indoors and reduce the stress on your home air-conditioning system. They’re energy-efficient in all seasons.

4. Enjoy Privacy

Your neighbors won’t even be able to see your shadow, since blackout shades block all light from entering or exiting your windows. This is especially helpful if you have a bedroom or bathroom with a window that’s close to your neighbor’s home or the street. You can finally get the privacy you crave.

Who Would Benefit?

If you work second or third shift, you have to get quality rest during the day, or your health will suffer. If you’re a parent, your health will also suffer if your child can’t nap because his or her room is too bright. People who live in the city may be bothered by urban traffic noises outside their windows along with electric lights that stay on all night.

Blackout shades are the perfect solution, and better yet, you don’t have to sacrifice style to enjoy their benefits. You may associate the word blackout with window treatments that are black, but you can select products in a wide range of colors to match the room’s design.

Visit the Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper showroom, or call for an in-home blinds consultation. Find blackout shades that block light, sound and energy transfer so that you and your family can enjoy a restful night (or day’s) sleep.

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