4 Benefits of Roller Shades

Roller Shades

How do roller shades outpace the competition? It is no secret that you have many options when it comes to selecting window treatments for your home. From drapes to venetian blinds, there always seems to be another product that could be the right fit for your vision and design.

Before you make an investment in any window treatments, you would do well to explore all of your options. Modern roller shades are different than what you might remember from your past experiences. They are now well-made, with many different fabric and color options that give your home an elegant yet simplistic look.

Here are four benefits you should know about:

Frustration-Free Functionality

Forget leaning over and climbing up furniture to pull down your shades – now you can use a motorized lift system and take all the frustration away. Automatic shades allow homeowners to simply press a button when they want their shades raised or lowered. If you would rather not motorize your shades, traditional spring-loaded mechanisms are still available, as well as beaded chain with pulley systems. Whichever you choose, modern roller shades are designed to eliminate the struggle associated with raising and lowering these window treatments like you may have experienced in the past.

Recessed Design

Roller shades are fabricated and mounted in a way that allows them to completely roll up; you will not see any shade hanging down, and no excess fabric will block your view. For this reason, these shades are a top option for homeowners with large, picture windows that act as a design feature of their own. For the most part, you may want your window on full display, without obstruction from hardware and shade fabric, but you want to retain the option of privacy roller shades offer.

Fabric Layer Options

There is no end to the color schemes and light-blocking options roller shades provide. You have the ability to layer both sheer and blackout fabric into a dual shade, which provides even more flexibility. Blackout shades block all light, but they can be raised during the day and the sheer fabric can let in the desired amount of daytime light. Choose a color shade that works well with additional your window treatments like drapes or curtains, or select a pattern that can stand alone as the main window design feature in the room.

Energy-Efficient Technology

Solar screen technology directs UV rays and glare away from the interior space while still letting in light. The shades’ exterior reflective surface prevents heat buildup but still gives a natural glow to the room.

If you are considering the benefits of roller shades and would like additional information from window treatment experts, contact the team at Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse for a personalized consultation.

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