3 Modern Blinds Advancements that May Surprise You

Modern blinds feature some amazing advancements. Technology has made daily living so much more convenient, and that includes how window treatments operate.

Hunter Douglas has made incredible changes to their product offerings, combining the best in modern technology with intuitive features that make your life easier.

blinds advancements

Here are the top three features that make modern blinds more convenient than ever:

1. Alter the Tilt of Your Horizontal Blinds with the Touch of a Finger

No more wand twisting. When you want to let in more light or block the bright afternoon sun, all you have to do is press a button.

With Hunter Douglas’ PowerTilt feature, just touch a button on your remote while pointing it toward the window treatments. The battery-operated motor tilts horizontal blinds open or closed. You’ve never been more in control of light.

2. Say Goodbye to Hanging Cords — a Strangulation Hazard

You’re probably well aware of the dangers of dangling blinds cords, a strangulation hazard for small children and pets. Hunter Douglas has produced two mechanisms that take the place of blinds cords and eliminate this threat.

First, the UltraGlide is a popular option. It features a retractable cord that stays one length, out of the reach of pets and children. With just a few pulls, your blinds are raised in a cinch. It’s safe and looks tidier than dangling, knotted strings.

You could also select the LiteRise system, available for use with roller shades, honeycomb shades, woven wood shades and more. It’s a cordless system, and you use only your hand to raise or lower your blinds.

3. Use Your Smartphone or Tablet to Open and Close Your Blinds

One of the most convenient modern blinds options is Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization. This system is motorized — all you have to do is program it and sync it to your smartphone or tablet. You can use the PowerView app or a remote control to raise or lower the blinds.

With PowerView Motorization, you can set a schedule for light control. You can program your blinds to open or close at preset intervals throughout the day. Control up to six sets of shades with one button.

Are You Ready to Update Your Window Treatments?

Visit the showroom at Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse if you’re ready to upgrade your outdated window treatments and get modern blinds that fit your lifestyle. Technology is your friend, and no less so when it comes to your window blinds. We can demonstrate all of Hunter Douglas’ advanced products to you and help you find the window covering solutions you need.

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